Saturday, July 11, 2015

Just shut up Sandee

I can remember the first time I had a story printed about me in the local newspaper and being so excited and then totally dismayed at the picture they posted of me, or the time they wrote another newspaper story about me and thinking...seriously, that is a little exaggerated! My feelings for being put in print have diminished over time because now, my first thoughts are...
what are they going to do to it

Now, don't get me wrong, I still have kept every article, every story ever written because it is exciting, it is an ego boost to have you memorialized in print.
But it just makes me wary nowadays.

My latest publication is a feature article written about me and about the upcoming Artists Studio Expo show coming up on July 25th in the Bold Life magazine. If you would like to read the article then you can go here

Now I am NOT trying to be sour grapes and all, and I AM appreciate of being featured in the magazine but sometimes I just say "huh?" when I see what they do, in this case it's the picture they put up on the page next to the article. If you go read the article you will see that the picture below doesn't correspond as well to the article as the one I sent to them, which was Night Watch...sigh...oh well, as one of my fellow artist from the Art MoB pointed out to me, any publicity is good publicity.
If you want to see the "how to" behind the Laced in Copper canvas, feel free to check out the Helmar blog post... as it has nothing to do with the article..smh

***update 7 - 19 - 15 ***
( Guess I cannot complain too much because since I published this post, this canvas has sold )
Laced in Copper- $175.00 12x24" mixed media canvas - acrylic, hand stitching, metallic floss, beads with acrylic skins

This is the one that I sent in to the magazine for them to publish with the article, which correlates to the questions that they asked me :) Although they didn't use it in the printed magazine they at least used it in the online piece!
12x36 "Night Watch" Mixed Media Magazine Collage canvas $225.00
I am always amazed that they write anything about me, so I need to just shut up, huh?

Anyway, check back on Sunday to see how the show turned out!


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

well huge congrats Sandee,as you say good to be noticed .. when those sort of things happen though you do wonder if the person assembling it has read the content?
Shaz in oz.x
PS is it just me? or have you changed your blog layout, as there seems to be poppy up things on the side as well as different post layout?

{Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

Jean said...

Congrats on the feature; Too bad about the photo.

Pam said...

How awesome! Congratulations! Like your friend said, any publicity is good publicity. Both are beautiful pieces of art but I really love the Night Watch with all of the highlights and shadows.

kmd said...

My husband has done interviews on medical issues for years and hates what the press/tv does to make it what 'they' want it to say or be! But, any publicity is better than none...maybe!

Carole Z said...

Congrats on the article anyway Sandee, I don't think they ever really get it right: it happened to me once or twice in the past, hugs Carole Z X

Nana said...

Congrats!!! How exciting. Awesome pieces of art.
Have a creative day.
Hugs Nana
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Anna said...

Congratulations on the article....and yea, they never seem to get it quite right.

MisS MiKO said...

Super congratsvto you my friend. Only good things are happening!