Saturday, July 23, 2016

Open call to all envelope artists out there

I am so excited to announce that I am going to be sponsoring my first show for all artists, young old, talented and for just those who like to have fun. You only need to afford the price of a stamp to be in this show! 

I also wanted to do some sort of campaign to spread smiles: I think we need to smile more. Our world is filled with so much hatred these days and maybe my little snail mail art is just a drop in the bucket but if we all did something to make this place we live in a little bit better, then think of how much nicer the world would be!

I'm also going to be binding all the mail art after the show the show is over into a book and hoping it too can travel around and let everyone look at it. I think a book about snail mail should be put in the mail, don't you? I think it would be cool to use the same box; to forward it on and let everyone keep adding to the art on the box, just changing the "To and Froms"....would love to know what you think.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Smiles make your day better.

Sending my cards off to be published in the CardMaker Magazine so I thought I would create some smiles with this cute little postman. I sure would love to be a fly on the corporate wall when they get it.

SMILES make you feel better

 I know I have one smile ( OK, two, after all it makes me smile ) and that was from the postal worker himself. He asked if I had painted it ( as he was very carefully applying the postal stamp to the "letter" part of the package
and I said "yes, I hope it makes someone smile."
His response..."Well, I know it made me smile." 
That made my day :)

 A smile helps you feel happier — and being happier helps you keep the smile going in a genuine way.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Did you know that sending mail art creates smiles?

It really does, try it today.

Challenge: Nautical/By The Sea

Giving old cards a new look 
This card is older, but I am currently going through my stash and making envelopes for them too. I can't send out blank envelopes any longer. 
It just won't do.

People need to communicate, why not do it by mail?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Do you want to add botanicals to your paper?

If you do then make sure to check out my design team post today over on the Arnold Grummer blog. I created a collection of bookmarks all with one template...would love for you to hop on over and check them all out.

I'm entering this bookmark in the {Itty Bitty} Challenge! July 15- July 21 over on the Unity { show and tell } FB page.
itty bitty stamp - struggle is part of it

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Mail art as performance art

 "Mail art requires an actual physical interaction between the receiver/consumer and the artists’ work.  In many cases, this interaction takes the form of opening an envelope, where both the envelope and the contents are the art, but so is the act of opening the envelope.  In this way, the art transgresses from purely visual/physical art to performance/interactive art.  The act of receiving art in the mail expels the distance between art and life, bringing the experience of art straight into the recipient’s home." 
The Consecrated Eminence 

With that in mind, I created both a card and the envelope to relate to the event that I shared with the persons receiving it...which was a party. This was a lot of fun to create, drawing something that encompassed both their hospitality from the party to their generosity of giving me a gift. Looking back, I wish I had drawn the necklace around her neck...oh well, it's too late now.

 It also reflects ( hopefully with a sense of humor ) my joy in the necklace that they gave me from one of their many travels.

"Mail art is fun and easy (who doesn’t like  surprises?), but it’s also meaningful – it facilitates a direct connection between the person who made the object and person who receives it." 
The Consecrated Eminence

I think it turned out real cute and I must say I am enjoying drawing little snippets like this. Mail art and card making are fun activities, I hope you enjoyed mine.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Hey GEL friend

OK, so I couldn't resist the pun about a pun :)

My new obsession is making mail art (  It is not considered an art movement per se, but it can be said to be a genre. ) and I have discovered that the 5x7 Gel Press® plate is perfect for my envelopes so I can make matching mono-printed envies! Stoked!

Challenge: Nautical/By The Sea

one of my favorite stamp sets
colored in with my favorite

I'm up over on the Gel Press blog today with a step out tutorial showing how I made my envelope

and if you missed the video to the making of the matching card, you can find it HERE.

10 REASONS TO send mail

  1. To write to a kid to teach them how fun it is to receive a letter. Ask for them to write back so that they can have fun sending one too.
  2. To send a friend a recipe
  3.  To decorate the envelope ( my personal favorite! )
  4. To practice your penmanship, play with letterforms, and have fun expressing yourself on the page!
  5. To congratulate someone on an achievement big or small
  6.  To send a letter from your pet to a friend’s pet.
  7.  To send a letter in multiple parts - like a serial podcast or tv show where they have to wait for the next episode
  8. To send a cheer up message– a note to a friend who has had a tough go of it lately.
  9.  To write a letter with checkbox questions that can be filled out and returned.
  10.  To save the US Postal Service

Sunday, July 17, 2016

more Halloween envelope art

Hand drawn envelope art with PITT pens, stamped with Envelope Sentiments and colored in with Paper Crafter crayons.

Simon Says: Create A Scene

One of my favorite cards, I just love the fact that retail always lets us know when the next holiday is around the corner. There should never be any excuses to not getting your shopping done early and on time...there are reminders everywhere like Christmas is next folks before your pumpkin is even carved, lol
A bit classier Halloween card, or maybe just for the person who doesn't appreciate the bright orange associated with Halloween.
The next time you decide to take the time to mail a card to anyone special in your life, try sending it in a personalized envelope made especially for them. Whoever receives it will not only love it to bits but it will be something for that person to cherish and hold on to their whole life.