Thursday, July 2, 2015

Weekly Shout Out goes to Carole

I'm going to start doing a weekly shout out for the people who consistently leave me comments on my blog. They may not know how much that is appreciated, but I sure want them to know
Carole from Carole's Crafty Creations is a super talented card artist who creates all these pop up and step cards which truly fascinate me. I always enjoy checking out what she has made!
Wow, right? Well you need to go check it out so you can see the side view and get the full 3-D effect. While you are visiting you will find out another passion of Carole's, her chickens! Honestly, I love hearing about her girls as much as I enjoy viewing her cards! 
I really enjoy a blog that has a variety of content and I do hope you will pop over there and visit Carole. She is not only super talented but super nice too!
Thank you Carole for always visiting me and for always leaving me such sweet words.
YOU make my day!


Carole Z said...

Thank you Sandee, this is a lovely gesture but I've been able to tell from all the time I've been following your blog, what a super person you are! I really enjoy my visits here, you are so creative and talented, thank you for my shout out!, hugs Carole Z X

Donna Lueders said...

That is a beautiful pop out card!! Congratulations Carole.

Sharon Estes said...

Carol I am on my way to check out to great blog. Yes our dear Sandee is a special person . We love her to pieces.

Redanne said...

Carole's work is always beautiful, she has such an eclectic mix of craft on her blog and is always a pleasure to visit! It is lovely to see her featured here. Apologies Sandee that I have not visited in such a long time... Hugs, Anne xx

Carole Z said...

Thank you for your visit and comments Sharon! X