Thursday, June 11, 2015

Silver Spotted Skipper

This is a common little guy around here, I see him a lot. BUT, darn, he is hard to get a picture of since he is a nervous I did, however, manage to get a snapshot of him on some salvia. I'm glad to finally know his name.

Silver-spotted Skipper (Epargyreus clarus)

 "Silver-spotted Skipper is one of our most common and familiar butterflies, particularly abundant in the mountains. They are somewhat misnamed since the spot is white, not silver."

Butterfly Life List:
1. Monarch
2. Pipevine Swallowtail
3. Silver Spotted Fritillary
4. Tiger Swallowtail
5. Black Swallowtail
6.Appalachian Azure
7. Silver Spotted Skipper


Carole Z said...

I'm loving all your wild-life photos and the colours in the garden are stunning, hugs Carole Z X

Pam said...

Beautiful! Love the purple flowers too! I think I had a spotted skipper on my flowers yesterday.

Sandy said...

Salvia are one thing that I can grow in the dry weather we have here they are a very hardy plant and I hardly ever water them and they thrive. So I have lots of them in all different colours. Buuterflies also love my Buddleia do you have them there they are very hardy. The butterflies swarm it.

MisS MiKO said...

i think you should submit some of these phots to some magazine.. seriously!!