Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Morning Glory lessons

I use to have a love/hate relationship with morning glories...with any vine for that matter until I learned and accepted a couple things.

1. I discovered that I am a wee bit very controlling. This Ephiny occurred back in 2001 when I grew a whole bunch of morning glories out on my backyard chain link fence. I realized I had a problem because I kept unwinding the vines and trying to make them go the way I wanted. I still have this problem, but I have learned to accept it and try not to have too many vines growing at one time so I am not pushing my sanity levels to the extreme. The morning glory below is just from one seed, hence I can unwind and rewind it nicely. Three times around the nest, thank you very much and now it has traveled up to the top where it will be wound (like I want) around the pot. :) In other words I didn't learn to control the "control freak" in me, just to accept at what level I can master

2. I learned the hard way that morning glories do NOT like to be fertilized. If you do, it will produce LOTS of green leaves with relatively no flowers. I discovered this back in 2002 when my neighbor and I decided to grow morning glories on our mailboxes. Not to be outdone, I fertilized the crap out of mine while she did nothing and mine was all green while she had bountiful blooms. I researched later to discover the no fertilizer theory with morning glories. However, it did set my pride back a notch or two, which was probably a good thing....smh....I am so bad when it comes to my flowers...trying to be a show-off, it bit me in the proverbial tush!

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MisS MiKO said...

Morning glories seem ro show up and pop up everywhere with no upkeep needed. im not a fan.. lol