Sunday, May 10, 2015

Still don't have a clue...

I have been working a section next to a creek that I call my wooded garden. It's very shady but I absolutely love this area ( excluding the poison ivy that also loves my woodland garden! ) The creek makes just enough noise to be heard and it attracts a lot of wildlife. Still hoping to see a bear one day, but none so far. 

I am also trying to incorporate native plants into it. but currently I have mystery plants and they are just starting to bud out.

This one has since opened up and it looks like this:

This one really does nothing more that what you I would love to know what it is though.

This one can be either a tall shrub or a short tree? lol I was really hoping it was a mountain laurel, but not too confident in that assumption!

Took a picture of it again today and not much going on....

So any guesses?


Anonymous said...

I envy you your little area. I'd love to have the sound of a creek in the background. Soooo soothing and calming. It sounds like you have an amazing back yard that's full of life.

Neesie said...

I wish I could help Sandee but I'm having trouble identifying my own plants in my garden. So much has changed since I left it 12 years ago.
Maybe if you took a sample to your local garden centre or nursery, then they could identify it for you.
As for the bear visiting... maybe put a pot of honey out.
It's all exciting and enjoyable getting to know your garden.
Good luck... waving from Bonnie Scotland ;D

Jean said...

I would take a photo to a local nursery and ask them. I no nothing about plants:)

Donna Lueders said...

Your own little piece of heaven. But, don't hope you see a bear, cuz it may come upon you when you are checking out your garden. LOL If I was you and I did see one from my balcony, that little pretty garden would just have to grow weeds from that day forward. Can you tell I am a wimp!?!

Sandy said...

I am no help sorry.. I also think you should take a sample to the nursery they will soon tell you what it is from that. Happy Gardening and listening to your creek.

MisS MiKO said...

no clue.. now you need some greenlife friends.. :)