Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kakorrhaphiophobia: noun

An abnormal fear of failure.

I hope you enjoyed this months phobia words :)

So, I'm taking a course called Draw Your Awesome Life by Joanne Sharpe and the first thing I learned's good to have a nice artist eraser! lol I haven't water colored in years so I admit to doing quite a bit of erasing, especially on the page on the left. Heck, I had so many problems with it, I actually gessoed over a third of it, and then learned that pencil marks do not erase well at all on top of gesso.
 My first thought...are they ready? lol I'm a little fun loving and kooky ( ::gasp::...I know, right? ) and this is a new group who does not know me. 
There is only one person I know so I am wondering...
should I behave? ...
probably, for awhile anyway! lol
 Who would have thought that steam would be so hard to do? Not me, but this was the second attempt 
( after gessoing the page over)...I went for whimsical art colored steam this time. lol
 Then I was real disappointed that Snoopy looks like he has a pink mustache! lol Oh well, the best laid plans sometimes go awry! But I have had this Snoopy mug since I was in college, which is like 30+ years ago and I really wanted it in there. Stubborn, aren't I? Go ahead, it's OK to nod your head yes!
 If you check out the post from the day before, that's when I broke in ( literally ) my Faber Castell water  color crayons. I have fallen in love with them...( notice what I wrote on the yellow one? ) I can either draw directly on the page with them, or rub my wet paintbrush against them and use them in a more traditional way!! BONUS!

also used:
Pens - Sakura, Sharpie, Reminisce

Happy Halloween!

Winner for the Mixed Media Kit will be announced later today, please come back to see the video announcing the winner :)


Jean said...

Ok - my advice --- be yourself! BEcasue we love you just the way you are! Love your paintings! I have found that a papertowel is my best friend at my watercolor class. I use it to erase often!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

so very cool! awesome work

Pam said...

Great projects! Sounds like you are having fun! I love your Snoopy mug, adorable!

MaryH said...

This looks like it's gonna be a lot of fun for you. Enjoyed reading about the creation of your work here, and they both look pretty good to me. Hmmm, didn't know that F/Castell had w/c crayons. I have an old set of Lyra, practically brand new. This makes me want to hunt 'em out and color something. Loved the cartoon too. Enjoy your class. Hugs

Krisha said...

How fun and colorful your pages are. So glad you are doing these for yourself!

JoyceA said...

Great journal pages usual.

Gill said...

I love the pic of your FC crayons!

Janis said...

LOVE these.....and your honest, silly, kooky, fun, brilliant accounts of your real-life escapades in art. Thanks for being YOU with us. :)
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com