Monday, October 7, 2013

Stuck on Helmar

Hi everyone, it's Sandee here with my first Helmar Design Team post, bringing you a easy gift idea for the upcoming holidays. A sewing box, made sew easy with Helmar Adhesives.

 I love to re-cycle, up-cycle and re-purpose just about anything and today my project begins with a discarded ribbon card board tube and a foam insert that you find in your package of brads.  So the first thing I did was to paint the cardboard and cut the foam into a circle.

Using Helmar's Craft & Hobby PVA glue I attached the paper to the cardboard tube. This glue truly grabs hold and secures the paper, even along a round shape.

Then I added ribbon around the box, leaving one side open. You need a strong glue like Helmar's Fabric Glue to make sure the ribbon holds up to the opening and closing of the box.

I used Helmar's Foam Glue to attach the ribbon onto the foam.

I attached the foam pin cushion to the top of the box, again with Helmar's Foam Glue.

There are 12 thin layers of flowers secured with Helmar's Fabric Glue and a dollop of Helmar's 450 Quick Dry Adhesive which holds the gold bead in the center of the flower and holds the flower onto the foam base.

I love that Helmar's 450 Quick Dry Adhesive dries to a crystal clear finish because, sometimes, what you don't see is the most important part of your artful creation!

Maya Road - Butterfly stickpin
Little Yellow Bicycle - woodedn stickpins
May Arts - ribbon, 421-05-33


Kalea Wavedancer said...

This is super cute! And I love how informative you are about the different adhesives. You know I'm not a big Helmar fan, but I'm going to have try the fabric glue out. If that will work for a hem line on lighter fabrics, you will have converted me.

Pam said...

Very cute box! I love re- purposing and you are wonderful at it!

Meggymay said...

Fantastic recycling, its a super gift idea,