Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sundays with Sandee

"I think it's important not to get in a rut, to constantly challenge yourself, and surprise others.  It's the only way to grow artistically."
Julie Balzer

This is my philosophy and I try to abide by it on a regular basis. I try not to paint hearts, butterflies and flowers into every single art journal page. I even made a list of different things to make just in case I need to help myself get out of a rut....and yes I check off things I have painted, it doesn't mean I still won't include hearts, butterflies or flowers anymore, but will try to include something different each this case, it's a coffee mug....filled with tea ♥

I have a lot of favorites, the eye stamped on the tea tag and the moldable stamp. 

I also love finding other ways to use my stamps; like the flourish from the heart stamp being used as steam rising from my mug:

entering my art journal page in:

random thoughts:
I laughed like Woody Woodpecker at the out come of the eye on the tea tag...seriously, do I sound like that when I laugh??
I don't finish my sentences very when I said "waterproof......"
It's good thing you can't hear me when I make a mistake, just sayin'
Showed you my favorite mug but totally forgot to tell you WHY it was my favorite...I collect 1950's Red Rooster pottery from Metlox.

I hope you make an art journal with me and give me a shout out over on the Frosted Designs Facebook page...can't wait to see what you make!


Sandy said...

I love this and the way you use bits of your stamps that is just awesome.. My favourite mug has owls so will have to figure that one out...
Another awesome tutorial.
Sandy :)

Carole Z said...

HI Sandee from a wet and windy UK! I love this..the vibrant colours are fab and the quote is so true! Happy Sunday, hugs Carole Z X

Meggymay said...

Great project Sandee, love the words.

Krisha said...

Your journal page is great, love the cup and the sentiment is perfect.

Jean said...

Yet another brilliant piece! So clever how you did the steam!

Pat N. said...

Very nice, Sandee! I love the eye on the tea tag. Laughed, too, but not as hard as Woody Woodpecker!

Anonymous said...

I love this page!! Your mug is awesome and I love what you did with your molded stamp. Very cool. Love the idea of using a swirl stamp for the steam....looks great! I forgot all about that part on my mug....I must be drinking cold coffee. ;)
Can't wait till next Sunday!!