Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Philosophy applied to art, which attempts to formulate criteria for the understanding of the aesthetic (rather than utilitarian) qualities of art.
This is my page for the Journal 52 prompt"
Somewhere simple
For me it's the beach, since it's a place where I go to for vacation, it also means simplicity. Flip flops, walking in the sand, drinks on the pier and taking tons of pictures. It's one week of bliss.
I started at the bottom of the page, laying a thick coat of gesso across the bottom and pressing a seashell into it to add some dimension and a sprinkle of salt for texture. Then I let it dry before adding a wash of ink and water, Beginning with a saturated brown and watering it down as I moved up the page.
The blue ink also has white and gold sprays on it, plus water to remove the ink to give it a light airy sparkling look. The lettering was done with PITT pens, Sakura Glaze pens and a Glitter pen.
The top of the ocean has a froth made out of gesso and a sprinkle of salt.


Shelly said...

Your page is incredibly beautiful, Sandee. You're an inspiration to this brand new art journaler.

Donna Lueders said...

LOVE IT! you make my day with your designs. You are just an inspiration to everyone. Thank you so much for sharing how you make your beautiful pieces.

Anonymous said...

Sandee, I love your page. Great use of color and texture and you know I always love your dangles (somehow that just sounds wrong) and typography. Sandee. (test to see if you actually read all of that) Sandee.
Luv ya!

Karen Conner said...

Your word pulled me in and I am delighted to see your picture!

Your creation is fabulous! Love the colors, the texture, the layers, all of it!

Great job!

Jean said...

This is so pretty! LOVE the texture and of course, your doodling!!

MaryH said...

So very pretty and great idea to add the texture with your seashells in the gesso. At the top of your 'Ocean' the effect really did look like clouds over the water. The little birds made it look so much like a true scene over the ocean. Well DONE! TFS & Hugs

Carole Z said...

I love this...gorgeous colours and I love the lettering, beautiful, Carole Z X

Sharon Estes said...

this is beautiful as always, I love the texture and the colors, it is a very relaxing page to look at and I sending you some relaxing love from grannyskornerstudio, Sharon's favorite place.

Tamiko McCurry (MEKOfoSHO) said...

Oh wow.. you go all the way out fir the beach !! This is gorgeous!!

Krisha said...

WOW! this is absolutely gorgeous!
I haven't started mine and was also thinking of the beach...LOL.

Pam said...

Beautiful page! The colors are gorgeous and I love all the texture!

Sandy said...

My simple place is the beach too. I am still working on mine but wow Sandee this is beautiful.. I love the sparkle and the dangles are awesome with the little seahorse.. Just so pretty..
Vicki :)

Gita said...

I love the beach too - this page with all the different textures is amazing! Especially the seashell part.

Jill Jacobsen said...

Beautiful creativity! Love you lettering with the dangles and the way you created the shell print in gesso with the salt/sand!