small canvases at the Art MoB and Dragonfly Cafe

Cosmic Moon 

Ocean Child 

SOLD ~ Owl 


Red Fox




Black Bear

"Bird Nest"

SOLD ~ Flower
SOLD ~ "Quietude" 

SOLD ~"Flight"                                     "Patience"                                 SOLD ~ "Searching" 

"Falling"                                        SOLD ~   "Waiting"                                   SOLD~   "Nevermore"

SOLD ~ "Wanderlust"                                         "Love"                                             SOLD ~    "Heat" 

SOLD ~ Surround Yourself

SOLD ~ Drink Tea
SOLD ~ the American flag
 SOLD ~ grin and bear it

SOLD ~ always believe

SOLD ~ Advice from a mountain

SOLD - Take Life
SOLD ~ common sense

SOLD ~ Be the person
SOLD ~ Advice from the Ocean

SOLD ~ Glad to be me
SOLD ~ I can do all things
SOLD ~ Like a butterfly
SOLD ~ Sparkle

SOLD ~ the spider                                 SOLD ~ broom fits                  SOLD ~  talk to the moon

SOLD ~ cat-attitude                      SOLD ~ emotions                SOLD ~ Limits

SOLD ~ You can never plan               SOLD ~ I dream of a better world           SOLD ~Bad attitude                                                                                                                        is like a flat tire
SOLD~ Anyone can count the seeds          SOLD ~John 15:12              Proverbs 11:30  ~  gifted to church

 SOLD ~ Your mind                              SOLD~ think it                         SOLD~ The Grass withers

  Embrace Imperfection              SOLD ~ Change                    SOLD ~ Live,Laugh Love
Life Defined                        SOLD -  Live Life                                 SOLD ~Everyday
                                                                                                                 Helmar - April winner

SOLD - When it Rains                                 SOLD - Books                                    SOLD - Wag More

SOLD - The One                                SOLD - Blessings                                  SOLD - Trust
Helmar December award

SOLD - Advice from a tree                           SOLD - Sunshine                              SOLD - Save the Earth

All that we see                         SOLD ~ If you look            SOLD - Believe you can
May Arts Spring Contest - Top 10

SOLD- Butterfly                                 SOLD - Work Hard                                          SOLD- Decisions

SOLD - Courage                               SOLD - Beneath the surface                                     SOLD - Life
                                                      Faber Castell Challenge winner                             Featured Artist award

SOLD - Wonderful                                 SOLD - Journey                              SOLD - Live Life

     SOLD ~  Love           SOLD ~Queen of Hearts          SOLD - Love's weird   Frosted Designs Top 3  Award

Blessings                                 SOLD - If the broom fits                     SOLD ~Amateurs
                                                                                                                                          Top 5 at Take it on Tuesdays

        SOLD ~ Happiness                             Gifted - Discover                  SOLD - Life your life                        

SOLD - Stay up Late                        SOLD - Love                     SOLD - Once is enough

Easter Morning                                    SOLD - Say you prayers                              SOLD - Bless the food

SOLD ~ Shoot people                       SOLD - Music                           SOLD ~ Be Bold

SOLD - seed of hope                   SOLD - Stay calm                SOLD ~ Love is the thread

SOLD - Life is a canvas                            SOLD - Time                                          Christmas


Dagmar said...

wow - so beautiful - every one fantastic!

wwilloww said...

I am so glad you put your wall hangings in one place. I love each one and it is fun and inspirational to be able to visit them when that inspiration is needed!!! Thanks..