Monday, March 13, 2017

in between "stuff"

Daisy Mae is doing great, she still tries to eat the fringe on my afghan and is a real stinker about it. I am now foraging for her, picking fresh (pesticide free) grass for her and some violets. Her favorites are the white clover flowers but they haven't bloomed yet...soon Daisy Mae...soon.

We had a not so untypical snowfall the other day, that's life in the mountains, it was actually all melted by the afternoon. I love the pop of red from the Maple tree flowers against the snow.

Still chugging along on the Bearfootin' Bear, was very lucky to have had such warm weather to work on her outside for the last month and a half but that has not been the case these last few days. I do love however dressing her up for photoshoots since I am not allowed to post full pictures of my work until the big reveal.

And speaking of other things I'm not allowed to reveal, the Artscape of Hendersonville show coming up. Our artwork is going to be displayed on small banners hung from light posts throughout the city for a year. I can't wait to see where mine will be hung, AND I got picked by one of our local magazines to have an article posted about me...they even sent a photographer for a photo shoot...yikes! Nervous and excited about that, lol

So anyway, just thought I'd check in with you :)
So how ya doin'?
( said in best Joey voice from Friends )

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Jean said...

Sounds like lots of fun in Hendersonville!!