Friday, August 30, 2013

Camp Helen State Park

 It starts with a beautiful stroll through the park, this use to be a private "summer" residence built back in the 1930's which sits on 185 acres.
It is surrounded by 3 sides of water, this is a rare fresh water dune lake.
 We then discovered it was .6 miles to the beach, did I mentioned we were carrying a LOT of beach stuff with us?
 It was worth the walk because it was the most un-touched, gorgeous walk through sand dunes.
There was an abandoned pier that we made "camp" under. By day 4 of the trip I am hugging any and all shade that I can find.
 My Nauti Girl purchase from yesterday was put into good use, filled with some frozen Bahama Mama, it was a treat to have after lugging all that "stuff" to the beach.
 A little friend was hoping for some treats and kept me company all treats though or I would have been inundated with dozens of noisy begging birds!! This one just kept walking up to me and looking at me in a questionable fashion!
Now, if you want to know about the most fascinating and SCARY feature about the ocean here, then you can read my article called Black Ocean...:) oh yeah...

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Francesca said...

Looks like you are having good weather in Florida, loks stunning. Love Francesca