Large canvases

In the hills of North Carolina - $525.00

Sperm Pollination - $125.00

 Wall art with interchangeable photo frame - $75.00

SOLD ~ "Elusive" - 12x36" canvas, created almost entirely of paper pulp, has hand sewn bead work and fibers. $325.00
"Love is all mixed up" 12x24" mixed media canvas, paper and acrylic paint. 
( letters spell out - Love is all mixed up. Trust your instinct and let go of regret.) $125.00

SOLD ~ 12x36 "Night Watch" Mixed Media Collage canvas $225.00

SOLD ~ "Laced in Copper"
24x12" - acrylic, hand sewed metallic thread and beads
"Farm House"
12x24" - Paper Pulp Painting

"Lotus Blooming" Mixed media, liquid inks, acrylics and paper, matted and framed 18x20" - $285.00

SOLD ~ 16x20" mixed media canvas
acrylic, collaged torn and cut paper
SOLD - Alice has a cup of tea - mixed media canvas - Tea Party - 12x36" - molding paste, inks, paper, beads, acrylic skins, gelatos - $225.00

Wake Up - 12x36" mixed media - acrylic, gelato, ink hand sewn beads and dimensional paint $225.00

SOLD ~ "Blue Sky View" - mixed media collage, acrylic, inks, paper $225.00

30x30" mixed media -inks, acrylic, hand sewn beads and charms - $300.00
"Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage" Mixed Media canvas - 30x30" - inks, acrylic, metallic thread, hand sewn sequins and glass beads. $300.00

SOLD ~ 12x36" mixed media - acrylic, inks, hand sewn beading, and gelatos $175.00

Common grounds - 12x36" - mixed media canvas, acrylics, inks, hand sewn beading $225.00

Creativity in a cup of Joe - 12x36" mixed media - acrylic paint, inks, dimensional paint and hand sewn beads $225.00

Expresso Yourself - 12x36" mixed media canvas, acrylic, inks, metallic thread, hand sewn sequins and gelatos $225.00

I'm a bear without my coffee - Mixed Media 30x30" canvas, acrylics, inks, collaged paper and crackle medium with hand sewn beads. This one is a special nod to the Elderbeary Bear that I painted for The Council on Aging. $325.00

SOLD ~This Mermaid loves tea - 12x36 - paint, dimensional paint and hand sewn beads - $275.00

SOLD ~ Take Life One Cup At A Time - 12x36" mixed media - acrylic paint, stencils, flowers, silver leaf and brads - $225.00
SOLD ~ "Tea is Liquid Wisdom"- 30x30" mixed media - inks, gelatos, metallic thread,hand sewn beads $250.00

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