Saturday, February 22, 2014


The mark left by a loaded (filled) brush on a surface. Brushstrokes can be distinguished by their direction, thickness, TEXTURE, and quality. Some artists purposefully obscure individual brushstrokes to achieve a smooth surface. Other artists make their brushstrokes obvious to reveal the process of painting or to express movement or emotion.


CASE Study Challenge #179

So when faced with a CASE challenge, what do you do? I look at it for no more than a minute and then go make a card using what elements really stuck inside my head. This time is was the soft, monochromatic feel, the banner, the stars, the stitching and the large word...and this is what I made:

1. Mine ended up being a lot darker than the original card, but I still kept to the monochromatic feel. 2. I did use some vellum pieces like the Polaroid frame and the polka dot banner.

3. I did use one large word, it's a Studio Calico rub on so it resisted the inked background very well, and 4. I remembered to add the hand stitching detail.

5. I did my banner of which had some stars on it, well most of the embellishments did come from the Frosted Designs December kit, lol but I love adapting themed items for something entirely different.

So there you go, 5 CASED elements from Danielle Flanders card.

Go here for the store and enjoy.....we are celebrating me turning 25 AGAIN!!


froebelsternchen said...

amazing look!

Jean said...

Love your interpretation!

Marion Armitage said...

Love your card and your blog.. It is so informative...
I am very fond of monochromatic cards also love the stitching, something I have not done much of. Thanks again

Carole Z said...

Hi Sandee, fab card and great interpretation! Happy Birthday! Hugs from Carole Z, waving from across the Pond! XX

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I love how you go about CASEing something. Me, I forget what I'm doing the second I leave this chair so a quickie glance wouldn't do me well. Love your rake on the card. Great feel to your card!

Laura Davis said...

Great card!

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Great card, love the colours and the images. Happy belated birthday, Angela x