Monday, January 13, 2014

Aerial perspective

A way of suggesting the far distance in a landscape by using paler colors (sometimes tinged with blue), less pronounced tones, and vaguer forms in those areas that are farthest from the viewer. By contrast objects in the foreground are painted in sharply outlined, brilliant, and warm colors, and background objects are shown in muted, cooler colors.


Normally I would show you a slideshow for my Helmar's project today. But I had to buy a new laptop and haven't figured out all the bells and whistles so please step over to visit the Helmar blog to see my rustic altered clock.

Thank you for your patience :)


I also joined the CASE challenge:

CASE Study Challenge #173

What inspired me was the way the jumbled letters at the top spill downward to create the word Thanks and the different colors used which makes for a very playful card.

So I took the small element, the word Thanks and replaced it with a house stamp by Studio G and then used hearts punched out in different colors to float up into the sky. The sentiment grounds my house by giving it a horizon.

The background paper was created using wax paper to transfer the spray inks over a gesso'd primed paper. 


Krisha said...

Happy Monday Sandee,
I absolutely love the simplicity of this card!

Marion Armitage said...

love this card and the sentiment behind it.. You are an inspiration

Carole Z said...

Love this Sandee! Carole Z xx

Winnie said...

Such a pretty card! Love the fun use of the hearts! I really love the background. Thank you for sharing the "why" things work, as it helps me see how you achieve your look and the principals you used.

Tamiko McCurry (MEKOfoSHO) said...

How did I miss this cutie patootie!!